About the Artist

Jay Taylor is an extraordinary emerging artist hailing from the United Kingdom. Living with her charming husband and delightful (most of the time) children, Jay is a passionate artist who draws her inspiration from nature, mythology, and magic. She produces pieces that are incredibly whimsical and are saturated with a riot of colours that invigorate and refresh one's senses. Her medium of choice is oil paints, and it's a medium she works with flawlessly, capturing the essence of nature in her work, which transports her audience to another realm of existence altogether. She always has many canvases on the pile and is consistently creating art pieces that leave an impression in one's mind. Jay resides by the splendid sea in Portsmouth, and just a stone's throw away lies the mystical New Forest, an inexhaustible well of inspiration for the talented artist. As she embarks on her journey to becoming a serious artist, she acknowledges that she creates her work for the love of it and hopes that her surreal, occasionally dark, but magical, fantasy oil paintings can stir the imaginations of her viewers. Jay Taylor is indeed a fascinating artist with a natural inclination for creativity. She is poised to captivate her audience with more intriguing pieces, which will transport them to enchanted places of inspiration and imagination.

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E-mail: contact@jaytaylorart.com

Address: Portsmouth, Hants, UK

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